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Serving  Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Oxford, Roxbury,

Southbury, Washington, Watertown, Woodbury,

and parts of Bethel, Brookfield, Middlebury, and Seymour

Jeff supports responsible and effective government and will provide leadership that works to improve society and the lives of his constituents in CT's 32nd District.

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I seek to qualify for a sizable Citizens Election Program (CEP ) grant, but I can't do it without you. To qualify, I must demonstrate that I have grassroots support. The Campaign must raise $17,300 in individual donations with at least 300 donations from individuals who live in the 32nd Senate District. Any individual can contribute a maximum of $290 and a minum of $5 (children 12-17 years of age can donate a maximum of $30 in cash or from their own bank account). The CEP grant is finance reform at its finest and ensures the following: 
  • Allowing candidates to compete without reliance on special interest money;

  • Allowing statewide officers and legislators the ability to make decisions free of the influence of, or the appearance that they have been influenced by, donations from special interests;

  • Restoring public confidence in the electoral and legislative processes;

  • Increasing meaningful citizen participation; and

  • Providing the public with useful and timely disclosure of campaign finances.

I hope you will consider helping me meet my goal. Please click the link above to DONATE. 
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